Dark Funeral

Maceration (dk)

Date: 10/6 – Friday
Time: 21:00
Stage: Big Stage

Presenting Maceration is a giant scoop for us. The band will play their first show in 30 years on Death Coast Festival. Maceration released the first ever Danish death metal album in 1992 with the cult classic A Serenade Of Agony.

Back then the band consisted of members from Invocator and featured Dan Swanö from Edge Of Sanity on vocals.

The band has not played live since the early ninetees so this show will be a huge draw since nobody will want to miss out on seeing Maceration once again.

Jakob Schultz and Lars Bangsholt have gathered new fresh blood for the band and they are excited to hit the stage, where it all started in 1990 with a warm up gig for Darkthrone, once again.

The death metal event in 2022 in hereby a reality!!

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